Let’s Get (Actually) Personal

Nowadays, whenever I heard “personalized marketing,” I rolled my eyes so hard. Most of the time, it falls into two categories:

  • Borderline invasive marketing that uses your behavioral data to target the shit out of you with ads.
  • Lazy personalization where websites asked for your first name, slap it on email templates and call it a day. (If you never accidentally sent an email that starts with “Hi first_name, are you really a marketer?)

There’s nothing more impersonal than having your privacy invaded, bundled up, and calculated using an algorithm you don’t understand, pulling you into the hedonistic treadmill. Will someone you know on a personal level do this to you?

Marketing and sales should be personal in the sense of understanding what your customer wants while respecting their privacy and genuinely root for their well being. For me, that’s what being personal really means: connecting with your customers on a personal level. That’s what personalization should be. 

Take care of people first, and the rest will follow.